First Date – Mark (part one)

It’s Friday night and I’m excited but nervous – I’m starting to get ready for a night out, or should I say an actual date?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date, but my friend Kate from work insisted that he’s a nice guy, and a bit of a looker too – which is always an added bonus! Not that she had any photos to show me, so what he looks like is a bit of a mystery, but from her description I shouldn’t be disappointed! I don’t normally go on blind dates, but I’ve had a bit of a dry spell of late, so I thought why the hell not?

Mark – I must remember his name – that could be a bit awkward!  Now for the important decisions of the night, what to wear?

I kind have an idea, but the finishing touches are what can make or break an outfit – and a date! The KISS pneumonic comes to mind….”keep it simple stupid” something that one of my grade teachers used to say to me and Jessica all the time –  but it still rings true today. But I never miss out on an opportunity to dress up, I never have! I start with the basics – white lace bra and panties that match. After slipping into them, I lie back down on my bed and daydream for am moment. My hand gently tracing over my lace panties – you definitely never know what may happen by the end of the night, in the event that my dress comes off, it’s best to look sexy.

My dress – this new pencil/ wrap around dress that I’ve been dying to wear. Nude in colour, and sits just above the knees with a neckline that shows a little cleavage, but leaves something for the imagination and totally strapless – got to show off that tan I’ve been working on right?

Shoes? Heels of course, but what ones? The rose gold stilettos with cross straps I think. Yes, they are the winners.

A simple rose gold necklace with a feather pendant, that sits just right, just above the cleavage, bringing to attention the curves that might be found below. Two, thread earrings, again in rose gold, simple yet effective. My hair and makeup, I can now do in my sleep, no problem there. As I put my finishing touches on, I stare at myself in the mirror – gorgeous! But I find I’m getting more nervous the closer I am to being ready.

What’s the time?   7pm??

How has time has gotten away from me?

I’m supposed to meet him at the restaurant at 7.30pm.