First Date – Mark (part two)

As the car pulls up, I take a few deep breaths and just do a quick once over check. My dress is suitably covering what it should-check, that I have my purse-check, my hair isn’t completely disheveled-check, my sanity is intact-nope, but who cares at this point. Mark knows I’m a sure thing. Let’s take what we’ve started to his house,
We both hop in the back of the uber. We exchange pleasantries with the driver, then Mark starts back where he left off. He leans across and starts nibbling my ear. His hand wanders up my thigh under the dress. As he gets higher up on my inner thigh, I muster all my self control and clamp my legs together trapping his hand. And whisper in his ear “it’s only a few minutes to your house right? Surely you can wait?”struggling to control my breathing as he exhales on my neck.

“I can, but I don’t want to”

“Well you’re going to have to, Mister!”
I’m now focusing everything I have on keeping my legs shut, his fingers are attempting to break free and make their way upwards. I know if I give an inch, he’ll be in there and I won’t be able to control myself and refuse his efforts. My body wants him so much.
We’ve pulled up at his apartment. I released the vice like grip on his hand and said an awkward thank you to the driver. I avoided his eye contact completely and briskly got out of the car.
Mark grabbed my hand and hurriedly guided me to the front door. Those 10 minutes in the car had felt like an eternity, I’ve waited long enough. I fairly much attack him before he’s even gotten his keys out. I reach up and pull him in for a hungry kiss. His hands reach out around me and pull me to him. I can feel his heart beating through his chest. I can feel his cock starting to grow as my leg once again comes up and around his hip. My breathing is coming in short ragged gasps as he kisses my neck and ear. We need to get inside but I don’t want to stop,I can’t stop.
Mark pulls away and fumbles in his pocket for his keys. He remarkably get the key in the lock first time. The door unlocks and we stumble over the threshold and Mark quickly closes and locks the door behind us.
He leads me through his dark apartment. My heart is quickening as it knows we are getting close to the bedroom. As we walk through a doorway, I immediately know it’s his room, it smells of him. A musky mixture of aftershave and his sweat. We take a few step in and he spins me around and pushes me down on my back on the the bed. My eyes are slowly adjusting to the dark surroundings, but I’m mainly going by feel.
Mark adeptly moves me up the bed, with me being slightly inebriated, I feel a bit like a rag doll, in his strong arms. His hands then move down my arms to my waist, where my wrap around dress is tied. He gently undoes the bow and pulls the wraps of the dress open. I raise up slightly and let the dress fall away off my shoulders, and lie back down. He straddles me, I can feel his cock through his trousers, it’s bulging and pressing into my stomach. God I want it so bad inside me. His hands slip behind me, I arch as he releases the clasp on my bra then pulls it away. I hear the sound of it as my bra hits the floor somewhere over the other side of the room. He then focuses on my breasts, kissing his way down my neck, to my left breast, whilst he squeezes the other. I’m growing impatient, yet again. I attempt to get my hands on his belt buckle to undo it, but he won’t let me. He takes my right hand a holds it up above my head. And leans above me and over to my right. I take my left hand and pull his shirt up, I can feel his hot skin, feel his ripped abs. I lift my head to know kiss and taste him and I then hear the sound of Velcro being opened. What is that? Then my wrist is being placed and wrapped firmly in material cuffs.

“You don’t mind do you?” Mark whispers in my ear

I nervously reply “Of course not” but my mind was racing, I’ve never been restrained before, I don’t even know this guy….. and he has restraints already set up in his bedroom! Am I crazy? I don’t even know where I am, NO-ONE knows where I am!

Whilst these second thoughts are running around in my, he’s reached up and put my left wrist in another cuff on the other side of the bed. Too late now!

“Don’t worry, you can tell me stop at anytime”he added, obviously sensing what I was thinking. I relaxed a little.
With both arms restrained at the top of the bed, he’s distracting me by taking his time kissing from the top of my head, around my face and finally my mouth, I can feel my body relaxing again, getting hungry again. His kisses become more passionate, more urgent. His tongue exploring my mouth and mine his. As one oh his hands holds his weight off my body, he reaches down between my legs, finding what I denied him on the ride home. Oh God that feels good, my body instinctively thrusts towards him as he playfully strokes over my clit.

“Not yet” he says teasingly

He moves off me, my eyes have adjusted enough to see him quickly unbuttoning his shirt and it falls to the floor, he then undoes his belt and pants and they too hit the ground. He’s not wearing underwear, so his well hung member is standing straight to attention. All of me want to sit up and grab him. But I can’t. He sees me half heartedly struggling against my ties and gets back on the bed. He starts by licking the inside of my thigh, the entire length, up to my underwear. He then moves up to the waist band and pulls then down slowly with his teeth. He gets them partially down whilst I arch my pelvis in the air. His hands do the rest of the work and takes them off throwing them in the direction of the matching bra. I’m trying to wrap my legs around him, but he won’t let me. He spread eagles my legs and does to my ankles what he did to my wrists. Once again the nerves kick in, but they soon subside when heads straight back to my pussy. I’m so wet and hungry to have his cock inside me.

He slowly licks my other lips up to my clit, lingers there for a bit, licking and sucking. My hips have a mind of their own and are moving up and down in sync with his tongue. Then I suddenly feel his fingers in my pussy. Oh fuck, I don’t know if I’m going to be able control myself enough to wait for his cock. This feels fucking amazing. I’m so wet, I can hear my juices as his fingers fuck me and he sucks my clit. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on my breathing, every nerve down there is ready to explode. His fingers are moving quicker now, deeper, I can hear myself moaning. Bloody hell I’m loud, but I can’t stop it. Oh God I’m going to cum and it’s only been a few minutes. I’m covered I sweat , panting, thrusting into his fingers. Oh sweet Jesus, I can’t, no I can’t hold it back any longer. I arch back, cum and scream out all at the same time. My body is still shuddering as he slowly moves his dripping fingers out of my pussy and makes his way up to my face.

“Did you like that?” He said in that cheeky tone

“You know I bloody did, I’m just sorry it happened so quickly”

“Don’t be” he whispered, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

He started kissing me again, I could taste my juices on him. Oh god, my body still wanted him. Half of me wanted my arms and legs free to wrap myself around him, the other wanted to surrender to his control. Instead of feeling trapped as I am cuffed to the bed, I actually feel liberated, to be pleasured and actually just give in to what my body wanted was amazing.
He once again straddled me, but this time on my tits. His throbbing cock resting on my face.

“Do you want to keep going?” He asked.

Fuck yes, is the response in my head, but I manage a coy “Yes, please”.

He put his hands on the head board of the bed and dangled his cock towards my mouth. I want it, I’ve never wanted to please someone as much as I do right now. I lick the shaft of his cock from his balls to the head. Then take as much of him into my mouth as possible. Slowly he starts to thrust into my mouth. My tongue and lips tease him as much as possible, butI have little control as begins to pump faster. I gag as it hits the back of my thrust, and I hear the first moan of pleasure from him. That turns me on no end, if I had a hand free I’d start to play with my own clit. He continues to thrust faster and faster, I’m struggling to breathe as his cock fills my mouth and my saliva builds. But it feels amazing. Suddenly he pulls out. I hear the sound of Velcro being released as my hand are freed, he then leans back and does the same with my feet. I’m a bit confused as to what’s happening until he flips me over and pull me to the edge of the bed and positions me onto all fours. His cock now searching my my pussy. I put my hand down to guide, but then it finds its own way.

Oh Jesus, I’m so wet and it feels so good to have him inside of me. He has both hands under my hips as he begins to urgently pound me. My hand now free can now play with my clit as I feel cock thrusting inside me. His balls hitting my arse. I can feel my tension building up again as he pounds me from behind. I’m like charged dynamite ready to explode. His groans sending me higher than I’ve ever felt before.
“I’m going to cum!” he yells.

“God yes!” I tell in turn.

I few more thrusts and I feels his cum exploding into me. I yell out once again climaxing as he does. He shudders as his thrusts slow. When he stops I collapse down onto the bed. He follows suit his dick still inside me.
We both lay there, covered in sweat, panting.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Not bad ay?” I can hear that cheeky confidence in his voice.

I half heartedly attempt to slap him behind me. But I’m too tired. With the alcohol and release from cumming twice, I can feel myself drifting off to sleep.

What a way to end a date.