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A bit about Jessica, David & Tiffany…

I work from home as a self-employed beauty therapist, David works as a corporate lawyer for Davidson Blake & Associates and Tiffany is a executive assistant at an Bennet King Marketing, a multi-national marketing firm.

My work keeps me busy most days – offering home beauty treatments to high-wealth individuals, including massages, hair styling, make up and nails. I love what I do! Thanks to David’s help we have managed to create a little sensual relaxing home spa treatment area that people can come and unwind from the daily stresses of life. My core customer base are from high-wealth families range from young and old, male and female and I love making sure they leave relaxed and refreshed!!

In my spare time I love to spend time on my two main passions in life … writing and drawing. I love expressing myself through my art work and my motivation for both my stories and drawings come from our daily lives. My creative juices flow when it’s something I’m deeply passionate about which most of the time is sexually orientated.

I’ve been writing short stories, including erotic stories, since I was a teenager but never shared them with anyone other than David… not even Tiffany.

Until one day, Tiffany stumbled across my erotic stories book (which was in my room on my desk at the time), which included all my erotic stories, including some very sexually explicit ones based on my real sexual experiences with David, and my fantasies (both innocent fantasies and hardcore fantasies) and my artistic pornographic sketches… it also included my recounts of erotic stories of Tiffany’s sexual experiences she had shared with me (as it turns me on hearing all the fun she gets up to as a single girl going wild!)

The collection of erotic stories offered a unique insight into me. Tiffany was initially shocked at some of the content in the erotic stories, even though we had experimented as teenagers (Two Teen Girls), but at the same time was amazed at how good they were. She quickly encouraged me to publish my work.

So I have decided to create an online interactive erotic stories site, with David and Tiffany, that combines everything – all our erotic stories together for you to enjoy.

This erotic story site includes a combination of mine, David and my best friend Tiffany’s sexual experiences … yes that means we have all been together!! (Our First Threesome) and all of our fantasies (both the innocent fantasies and the completely filthy hardcore fantasies).

Who we are

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