Best Friends Forevermore

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Best Friends forever

There is nothing more special than having a friend you can share everything with… Tiffany & I share that special bond…. we share everything!!

This is our story …

Our first day of school  

It was my first day of school. At home I was excited and full of energy – ready for this next adventure. As I got out of the car, I saw kids – some twice my size – and my mood quickly changed from excited to nervous.

“Come on Jessica, out of the car. Lets go.” Mum said eagerly as she stood at the passenger car door.

This was it. I hoped out of the car and I was scared and nervous not knowing what was happening. I grabbed mum’s hand and squeezed.

“You will be okay Jessica. Dont fret.” She smiled down at me with that reassuring smile that all mums have. We began walking towards the school. Kids bustled passed us, some laughing at each other, some run away from each other. This was all so new to me.

Mum pushed open the double entry doors and mum mounted for me to enter into the long corridor.

I paused, closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Mum pulled at me softly. I opened my eyes and took a step through the doors into the corridor. It was only then that I felt a slight sense of relief – at the end of the corridor in front of the classroom door was a group of small children – just like me. We quickly walked towards the classroom at the far end of the corridor where the teacher was ushering parents and their children into the classroom.

The teacher smiled down at me. “Welcome, come on inside. Please find your name tag and take a seat at your desk.”

Mum quickly found my name tag and I took at seat at the table. There was already a group of children sitting at the table. To my right side sat a cute little chocolate haired girl with bubbly grin on her face. She saw me looking at her and smiled back briefly before our attention was drawn back to our teacher. She  had closed the door as the last child sat down at their desk.

“Good morning class. My names Mrs Kingsley. Welcome to your first day of year one. I know we are all going to have so much fun this year. You will all learn lots of new things and make lots of new great friends.” The chocolate haired girl and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Parents, please say a quick goodbye to your children. They will be ready to be picked up at 2pm this afternoon.”

The room quickly filled with chatter as parents and their children said their goodbyes. My mum leant down towards me, and I quickly wrapped my arms around her. I whispered into mums ear, “Mum, I’ll be ok.”

She smiled at me, and nodded. “Yes Jessica – make some new friends and have fun.”

I gave mum a quick kiss on the cheek and she turned and was quickly walking away. It wasn’t long before all the parents had departed.

“Now class, quieten down and lets begin.” She paused briefly as all the kids attention turned to her and silence fell over the room. “Now, lets go around the class one by one and if you could all tell us your first name and one thing that you really like.”

One by one the children introduced themselves. Some spoken in very shy voices and some in loud, confident voices. I was about the tenth child to introduce myself. I wasn’t paying much attention to all the children saying their names and what they liked – I was practicing saying mine in my head over and over again.

The teacher pointed to me. I froze momentarily before managing to murmur, “I’m Jessica and I, ummm, I really like puppy dogs.” I smiled. I was done.

The chocolate haired girl looked directly at me again and smiled, before softly saying in her bubbly sweet voice “and I’m Tiffany and I really like puppy dog too”.

We both continued to look at each other, smiling, and in that instant a new friendship began. My first day nerves were gone as Tiffany and I spent the entire day together talking, laughing and having fun. At the end of the day, we didn’t want to say goodbye so my mum kindly offered to have Tiffany and her mum around for the afternoon.  It was then that we discovered that we only lived a few doors down from each other.

From that first day, Tiffany and I struck up a unique special bond.

From the very next day, Tiffany and I would walk to and from school together everyday and we would spend most of our afternoons and weekends at each other’s houses. Basically we were inseparable – we  spent every moment that  we could together from first thing in the morning to last thing at night – every day.

Our bond grew quickly – we quickly began to share everything with each other. It was a unique special bond that lead to so many fun and crazy adventures (and it still does!). All of my childhood memories involved Tiffany and into adulthood that has changed.

Growing up
As we grew older our adventures changed from two little girls playing dress ups with their imagination and dolls to visits to the mall for clothes shopping, and dressing each other up for real. In our teenage years, nothing could beat spending an afternoon at the mall shopping for new clothes and beauty products before going home for a make-over and fashion parade! We used to spend hours doing each other’s hair and make up (I think that’s where I got the passion for becoming a beauty therapist from!), and then styling an outfit before parading down the hallway pretending to be a super model on the cat walk.

And then we discovered boys… and sex!!!

Tiffany was more adventurous than me – between us both – she was always the first to try something and then she would fill me in.  Tiffany was the first to make out with a boy at our first ever school dance, as an innocent fourteen year old, and then not long after the first to gelt felt up by a boy, and give a boy a blowjob and then have sex! Coincidentally all three were with Josh, the star of the high school football team. Read about it in Tiffany’s First Sexual Experience.

I was a bit slower than Tiffany – taking my time to kiss my first boy (nearly half-a-year after Tiffany), let along have sex with one! My first kiss was with my first serious boyfriend, Ben, who was more academic than athletic. We dated for about a year in high school, and slowly progressed from making out to losing our virginity together (read about it in Jessica’s Virginity). Obviously we didn’t stay together forever – we drifted apart as I decided Ben wasn’t quiet what I was looking for and I longed for someone a little older, more mature.

And I eventually found that guy a few years later – David Our Relationship – Jessica & David.

Sharing everything… each other
Tiffany and I shared everything – we would stay over each other’s house on the weekends and talk all night long. We would swap all the details with each other on who we liked, what we had done with boys and what we wanted to do!!

Again, Tiffany was a lot more adventurous – more flirtatious and more outgoing than me. I  shy and reserved, at least in high school, but loved doing what I did, when I did do it.

But there was nothing better than lying in bed, with my eyes closed listening to her wild adventures and imagining the fun she was having! And then one night, things changed… sleeping over Tiffany’s place, as we lay in bed beside each other gossiping about boys and sex, she smiled up at me as her right hand slowly reached out towards me. Her fingers slowly traced over my right breast before she leant in and kissed me. I was initially totally shocked but at the same time so turned on and it felt so damn good! That night we explored each other’s body’s from head to toe and I learned how much pleasure being with a girl could be. Read about it here Two Teen Girls.

So now we had something new and exciting to explore … in addition to boys. After that night, we shared many, many intimate moments together – that last year of high school was crazy – until I met David!

Immediately my relationship with him was different to any other guy that I’d been in a relationship with and I didn’t want to spoil it with him. Tiffany totally understood and respected that.

As soon as high school finished, David and I started spending a lot more time together and our relationship moved to the next level. We quickly decided that we wanted to move in together, and decided that it made the most sense for the three of us to get a place together. And it was only a matter of time before eventually the three of us finally decided to be intimate together! Read about it here – Our First Threesome. But trust me that wasn’t the last time we were all together!!

I couldn’t imagine not living with Tiffany – we will always share everything. We will always be best friends forever…

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