Our Relationship

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Inlove forever and ever

Sharing your life with your soul mate – mind, body and soul – an experience like no other. Together we explore every aspect of each others lives, dreams and fantasies. 
This is our story …

Our first encounter
It was the night of Amy’s 18th Birthday when I first encountered David.

Everyone at the party had  just finished singing happy birthday to Amy when when I first caught a glimpse of this dashing rugged good looking guy walking through Amy’s house. As he passed Tiffany and me, our eyes briefly locked together and we exchanged a simple smile. But as quick as our eyes had met, the exchange was over as it was clear he was looking for someone else. He continued past Tiffany and I to the outside pool area.  I didn’t think too much of it, and Tiffany and I carried on laughing.

A few minutes later he reappeared with Bec, holding her hand and guiding her through the crowded house towards the front door. I figured he must have been Bec’s boyfriend and was instantly jealous. He seemed like a much older guy and attractive. A few minutes later Amy came bouncing back into the house from the pool area.

“Girls girls girls, did you see that? Bec is in so much trouble. She missed her curfew and her older brother David just dragged her out of the house! I can’t wait until I hear what happened to her when she got home!”

“We sure did.” I smiled. Older brother… interesting.

The next day

Tiffany rolled over, her arm slowly pulling me into her body. Naked we lay together.

“Morning gorgeous,” she whispered in my ear, her teeth gently nibbling on my ear lobe, as her hand slide around my waist. “Last night was so much fun. Shame we didn’t find anyone to bring home with us.”

“Mmmmm” I let out a gentle moan. “You know I enjoy you alone just as much.”

“Well, I know you thought Bec’s brother David was super hot.”

“Oooo he was yummy. I guess I could have gobbled him up.” I chuckled softly. “Maybe next time.”

Tiffany sat up quickly and exclaimed “You should soooo text him! I have his number you know.”

“What? Hang on – how do you have his number?”

“Ohhhhhh, its not like that. I got it from Bec ages ago when he was picking us up from one of the parties incase her phone died.”

“Agh, gotcha. But I don’t think so. I’m not forward like you!” I said mockingly.

“Oh you are so funny.” Tiffany replied back poking me softly in the ribs. “Text him, text him, text him! Do it. Do it. Do it.” I rolled out of bed, half wanting to get away from Tiffany and half needing to desperately pee. As I stumbled to the bathroom I looked back at Tiffany and replied “No way!”

As I climbed back into bed my phone buzzed. I grabbed it and looked at the message. “Hey Jessica, yes I remembered you from last night! Nice to put a name to a pretty face and body – you looked amazing last night. Amy isn’t in too much trouble! I think. Did you have fun last night?”

I glared at Tiffany. “What did you do?”

She smiled. “Nothing”.

I scrolled back to the last message, “Hey David, I saw you at the party on Saturday night! Not sure if you remembered me, I was the girl in the pink top and plaid white skirt. I hope Amy isn’t in too much trouble? Oh by the way my names Jessica!”

“Nothing huh? I cannot believe you.”

“Well, what did he say?”

“No way.” I laughed.

I eventually gave in and showed her. I couldn’t hold it against her, after all, he had replied. We swapped a few more flirty messages that day and over the next few days before he finally rang me on Wednesday.

After David had called I was so excited I had to ring Tiffany straight away.

“Tiff, you are not going to believe it.” I screamed down the phone.

“What? What? What? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.” Tiffany responded in her normal bubbly self.
“He asked me out for Saturday night!”…

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Enjoyed our tales so far – don’t miss out on all the action….

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