Tiffany’s Bio

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About Tiffany

Name:Tiffany Jane
Nickname: Tiff, Tiffy, TJ
DOB: 15 April
Status: Single and dangerous!
Education: High School
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Hobbies: Dancing, Music, Arts, Partying! 
Favourite food: Italian
Favourite sexual position: Reverse cowgirl…

Tiffany is my best friend – always has been and always will be. We are the same age and met on our first day of school. To read about our friendship visit our Best Friends Forever page.

When I asked what she wanted me to put on here she coyly smiled at me and said to say “Tiff is awesome”. She might not be the most creative person in the world but she is the most bubbly and fun loving person I’ve ever met with a crazy wild side – that’s why I love her to bits. She means the world to me – and honestly – both David and I enjoy her to bits! Read about some of our fun – Our First Threesome.

Growing up Tiffany was more adventurous than me – between us both – she was always the first to try something and then she would fill me in.  Tiffany was the first to make out with a boy at our first ever school dance, as an innocent fourteen year old, and then not long after the first to gelt felt up by a boy, and give a boy a blowjob and then have sex! Coincidentally all three were with Josh, the star of the high school football team. Read about it in Tiffany’s First Sexual Experience.

Over the years there was nothing better than lying in bed, with my eyes closed listening to her wild adventures and imagining the fun she was having! And then one night, things changed… sleeping over Tiffany’s place, as we lay in bed beside each other gossiping about boys and sex, she smiled up at me as her right hand slowly reached out towards me. Her fingers slowly traced over my right breast before she leant in and kissed me. I was initially totally shocked but at the same time so turned on and it felt so damn good! That night we explored each other’s body’s from head to toe and I learned how much pleasure being with a girl could be. Read about it here Two Teen Girls.

Just prior to graduating high school, Tiffany landed a summer internship as a office junior at a top consulting firm in the city. It was perfect for Tiffany because when she was graduating she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her future.

Over the years Tiffany has had a few boyfriends, some serious, some not. At the moment Tiffany is single, and loving it!

Most Friday and Saturday nights Tiffany is out on the town partying. She loves going out for dinner before hitting the dance floor. Whilst David and I quiet often join in the fun with her we also enjoy our quiet ‘couple’ time on the weekends so she has time to hang out with the girls and guys from work. It’s not uncommon for us to wake up to a late night text saying she’s crashing at some guys house. Other times the party ends up back at our house, which is fine as our house is her house so she feels completely free to bring the party back to our house.

And after she finishes partying, I love to find out all the goss. Read about one of her recent dates here – First Date with Mark (part one) and the fun that followed First Date with Mark (part two).

Currently, Tiffany is working for a consulting firm in the city centre. She has been working for that consulting firm since graduating high school. It started as a summer internship as an office junior at one of the major  consulting firms in the city. However, they liked her so much that when the summer finished she was offered  a full time position as an office admin junior and she jumped at the opportunity. The lure of extra money for clothes and makeup was way too much and she happily accepted the position instead of seeking further education. Tiffany has always been a girly girl loving to dress up so it was totally understandable and she never looked back.

Over the last seven years with hard work and determination she has continued to be promoted. At the start of 2014 she got a great promotion to a personal assistant to one of the new Partners which is an amazing position. It might be hard work but it has lots of little perks and she loves her work and I’ve never seen her happier.

But secretly, I think some of her happiness is because she has a thing for her new boss (Read about her fantasy – Seducing Her Boss) and would let him have his way with her in a split second (Read about her fantasy – His Little Play Thing).

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Enjoyed our tales so far – don’t miss out on all the action….

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