Losing my Virginty – Tiffany

Billy sat on the couch – fidgeting with the TV remote waiting for Tiffany to return from the kitchen.

Tiffany had invited Billy back to her house this afternoon with one thing on her mind – losing her virginity. It had been about a month that they had been dating – and in that time they’d gone on a a number of dates, including hooking up at a number of parties. started to get more physically with each other but with both of them

Billy stood up and unbuckled his pants. They fell to the floor leaving him standing there in front of her in his blue boxers. Tiffany stared at the outline of his hardening cock.

“I want to see,” she said pointing at his cock.

Tiffany knew what a cock looked like from watching porn on her computer at home – she had seen lots of different ones but never one in person.

Billy obliged – hooking his hands into the band of his boxers and sliding them down revealing his now fully erect cock.

Tiffany let out a little gasp. “Wow it’s so….so big.”

“Can I touch it?” she inquisitively asked, already reaching her hand forward.

“Yes sure.” He said, placing his hands on his hips and thrusting them forward slightly.

She continue to reach forward with her right hand until her fore finger touched the tip. She pushed at it softly. It felt no different to touching other parts Billy, maybe slightly dryer skin.

Tiffany then reached her other hand forward and softly wrapped her hands around his hard cock, memorizing every texture and shape. She softly squeezed it and started massaging it.

Billy moaned softly as started sliding her hands up and down his shaft like she had seen some of the women in the pornos do.

Encouraged by his moans she began to slide her hands along the shaft slightly faster.

“Oh god Tiffany, that feels so good.” Billy exclaimed as he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.

After a few moments, Tiffany stopped sliding her hands. She looked up at Billy and asked, “Can I kiss it?”

“You can do anything you want to with it,” he nervously said.

She knew what a blow job was and she wanted to see if she could do it. It was going to be difficult. He was very large and she was very inexperienced. She stuck out her tongue and took a tentative swipe at the head of his cock. She felt it pulse in her hand and she could tell that he liked it. She thought the thing she could do was imagine that his cock was an ice cream cone. Her tongue lapped up the sides and over his head again and again. A clear drop appeared on the head of his cock and she tasted it. It was a little salty, but it didn’t taste bad. She put her lips over the head and sucked at it, swirling her tongue around the sensitive rim of the mushroom shaped head. He moaned and thrust his hips up, sinking the huge member deeper into her mouth. She slid her lips down, stretching her mouth until she had as much inside her as she could take. She bobbed her head, maintaining a suction and twisting her tongue over the head. She used one little hand to pump the shaft she couldn’t get in her mouth. The other hand reached down and she cupped his heavy balls, testing their weight.

She sat up and watched as his eyes left her face and looked down over her body. She looked down and she could see her nipples making little bumps under her lace bra. He looked down at her small waist, her flared hips and those perfect legs – her lace panties covering her buried treasure .

His eyes moved back up to her breasts, lingered a while and then back to her eyes.

I leaned close and asked, “would you like to touch?”

He licked his suddenly dry lips. “May I?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered. “As much as you want, David.”

“Can I see?” he asked.

She nodded, blushing furiously.

His hands reached out and she felt his fingers. He parted the bra and she let it fall off her arms to the deck. She had on a lace camisole, and it felt incredible over her breasts as his fingers traced the low cut line. She felt his hands slide to her waist and pull the camisole out of her jeans. They slid underneath and she sucked in her tummy with a gasp as his hands circled her slender waist. They ran up over her ribs to settle on her breasts. She moaned and put her hands over his, pressing them into her breasts. 

He moved his hands apart and the camisole slid up. She raised her arms and he slid the silky fabric up and over her head. She sat on his lap, gloriously and beautifully bare. Her breasts were the stuff of fantasy. They were large and very firm. They might begin to sag in a few years unless she wore very good bras, but they had all the firmness of youth now, jutting proudly out from her chest. She had small areolas, two shades darker than the creamy skin of her breasts and small nipples a shade darker still. They looked virginal but incredibly sexy on her slender frame. 

She felt him reach up and sink his fingers into the incredibly resilient flesh, and it made her tremble inside. His palms rubbed over her intensely sensitive nipples and it made her moan as she felt the trembling grow stronger. The feelings he was causing in her breasts sparked through her body, exploding in her pussy and she felt it flood with moisture. She pushed forward to feed him one of the hard little nubs and she groaned deep inside as his lips closed around it. She had never allowed a boy to touch them inside her shirt before. Twice she had let boys feel them outside her shirt and the feeling of being exposed, outside and under the eyes of the boy she had had a crush on for so long was incredibly arousing.

He suckled and laved her breast and nipple with his lips and tongue and she felt something winding inside her like a spring.

He returned to the little nipple and she felt a trail of fire across to the other breast. When he took that nipple in the sensations doubled as he gently pinched the first wet little nub. The tension built inside her until there was only the incredible sensation of his tongue and lips and the pulsation inside her pussy. She ground it against him, seeking contact and exploded, her orgasm setting her aflame with passion. Spasms wracked her slender form and she pulled his face into the pliable mound under his lips, shuddering and calling out his name over and over again in a primordial chant. Gradually the trembling went as she began to relax in his arms.