Two Teen Girls – our first kiss (Part One)

It was a typical Friday night. In fact it was typical of any night over the last few years. I was spending the night at Tiffany’s parents house. If I wasn’t at her place, she was at mine. That’s how it had always been since meeting on our first day in primary school.

Basically, Tiffany and I were inseparable.

It started out just having play dates at each other’s houses in the afternoon but quickly it turned into having dinner, the occasional sleep over before being nearly every other night sleeping at each others house. As we got into our teenage years our parents were completely relaxed, and the occasional sleep over turned into every other school night and every weekend. Our parents pretty much let us stay up as late as we wanted – so long as we were quiet once they’d gone to bed, always got up for school on time and didn’t let our grades slip.

And to be honest, to them we were the perfect Angels! But in reality we were two little devils…

Friday and Saturday nights were the best because there was no school the next day so we could stay up watching movies before going to bed and gossiping into the early hours of the mornings. Even when we went out to party’s we would crash at each other’s place or come over after a date, even if it was super late.

This Friday night was no different – I’d come over to Tiffany’s parents house straight after school and we had spent the afternoon mucking around in their den working on one of our many dance routines. We had just started one of our dance routines when Tiffany’s mum, Jane shouted down the hall from he kitchen.

“Girls, ten minutes until dinner time. Please change out of your school uniform and come set the table.”

Hearing her, but totally ignoring her, we kept dancing to the music with each other. Giggling as we crashed into each other again and tumbled to the floor.

“Girls!!” Jane yelled again.

“Alright mum. We heard you.” Tiffany yelled back.

We looked at each other before bursting out laughing again from our sprawled entanglement on the floor.

After calming down for a moment, Tiffany was the first to move, springing to her feet and taking a step towards the door. I grabbed at her leg, trying to pull her back down to the ground. No luck. She pushed at my hand and it fell away from her leg. She looked down at me, stuck her tongue out and ran for the door.

I leapt up and headed after her in hot pursuit. As I got to the door, I could hear her loud thuds echoing down the stairs as she bounded up them two at a time. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs she was already at the top, and turned to head down the hall towards her bedroom.

I bounded up the stairs two at a time, following her as quick as I could. As I got to the top of the stairs, she turned around momentarily to stick her tongue out at me again and yell back at me as she disappeared into her bedroom “Beat ya, beat ya, nah na nah na ner ner!”

By the time I got to the door she had already slipped out of her school skirt, taken off her white blouse and was standing beside the bed in her matching black lace bra and panties, with her long brown hair draping down over her breasts.

“I’m gonna get you!” I yelled at her as I scooted around the bed towards her. She jumped out of the way and flopped down on the bed laughing.

As she was momentarily distracted by her own laughter, I took my opportunity and jumped on top of her on the bed. My legs quickly slipped in between hers, spreading her legs wide apart so they couldn’t move. My school skirt slipped up exposing my white panties as I pressed my hips down against her panty covered cunt. At the same time as thrusting against her with my hips, I grabbed a hold of her wrists and pinned her arms down above her head.

As I lay on top of her, our skin pressing against each other, I looked deep into her beautiful brown eyes, leant down and licked her cheek towards her ear and whispered in her ear.

“Gotcha, told ya I was going to.”

“Ewwww get off me!” She bellowed at me from her position underneath me trying to push free. I held her tight not letting her move and licked her other cheek.

She squirmed more, pushing her hips up against mine and wiggling. With her right arm she broke my hold of her wrist and pushed me off rolling me over. Just as she started to climb on top of me we heard her mums voice echoing down the hall “Girls! Get your butts down here now.”

We stopped instantly. Tiffany looked at me and whispered “You’re so lucky mum interrupted us. Watch out tonight!”. She smiled at me and let out a loud laugh.

As I hoped off the bed I looked back over my shoulder and poked my tongue out at her.

“Bring it on biatch.” I said shaking my hips and finger at her.

We both paused for a second and then burst out laughing again.

Standing beside the bed I quickly stepped out of my school skirt and unbuttoned my blouse. We both stood semi naked beside each other. A beautiful sight to behold – two teenage girls standing beside each other in their matching lingerie – Tiffany in her matching black lace bra and panties and me in my matching white lace bra and panties. At the exact same time we unclasped our bras, and our pert teenage breasts became fully exposed.

This wasn’t anything unusual to us and we didn’t even give it a second thought as we grabbed our nighties, pulled them over our half naked bodies and headed out the bedroom door.

As we headed down the hall towards the stairs, we were hand in hand swinging our arms and softly signing. Down the stairs we bounded, still singing and laughing as we went.

Entering the kitchen, we both paused in the middle of the doorway looked at each other and then over to Tiffany’s mum and said in unison in our softest and most innocent sweet voices, with a big grin on our faces, “Sorry mum, we were just playing with each other”.

Jane smirked cheekily at us.

“What am I going to do with you two?” She paused for a brief moment before continuing “Can you please just set the table because I’m serving dinner now?”

We both smiled and said at the exact same time “Yes mum.” Tiffany pulled open he first drawer and grabbed the cutlery, as I opened the cupboard and grabbed the plates. The same exact routine we had done hundreds of times over and over again setting the table at both our houses. As we finished putting the last of the table setting out, Jane yelled out to her husband, Tony, and son, Jeff, “Boys, dinner time.”

As Jane walked out of the kitchen towards the dining table with the roast pork and vegetables on the serving tray, everyone pulled their chairs out from the table and sat down to a family Friday night roast dinner.


Dinner was the usual family chit chat between us all with both Tony and Jane asking us how our day had been and whether we had any plans for the rest of the weekend. Then talked turned to the future and whether we had started thinking about next year as graduation was getting nearer. Both Tiffany and I were excited about graduating, but honestly we hadn’t given next year that much thought.

We finished up dinner and were left to clear away the table, as per usual. Just as I put the last plate into the dishwasher, Tiffany finished wiping down the last bench top. We were done for the night. Time to relax.

Everyone went their separate ways after dinner. Tony and Jane headed up to the lounge in their master suite, Jeff went to his room to play on the computer and Tiffany and I retreated to the Den.


“Comedy, horror or romance movie?” I asked picking up a couple of DVDs.

“Romance.” Tiffany replied excitedly – she always choose Romance!

As I put the DVD on, Tiffany grabbed a blanket out of the cane basket and switched off the lights. We both slumped down on the couch, and Tiffany started to get more comfortable lying her head across my lap. My hand gentle draped over her body pulling her snugly against me into a position we were both overly familiar with and very comfortable with. It was totally natural for us to snuggle each other.

As we watched the movie, I softly traced my hand over her back, occasionally twirling her hair in my fingers. Tiffany sighed softly relaxing into my body further and snuggling up under the blanket. I slid my hand up under her nightie, over her panties and around her waist pulling her tighter against my lap. We lay in each other’s arms as we did most nights for the entire movie.

As it finished she rolled over towards me, looked into my eyes and whispered to me “Do you think someday we will find a guy who will sweep us off our feet like that?”

“Of course we will Tiffy,” I smiled back at her, “and if we don’t we will always have each other.”

“When we do,” she replied, pausing for a moment, “we will always have each other. Always.”

“Yes that’s true.” I smiled back at her.  “Hey, I’m getting a bit sleepy. Wanna head up to bed and you can tell me all about that new guy in your history class?”

She smirked at me, “Deal.”

With that we both hoped up off the couch and I turned off tv and we headed up to bed together.


Getting ready for bed, we both pulled our nighties up over our pert breasts and then our heads. We both slept just in our panties – we had done for years. And with that we climbed into Tiffany’s queens size bed, the bed that we had shared together since we were little kids.

As we got comfy, Tiffany rolled onto her side facing me directly. As we beside each other in only our lace panties, she started to tell me about the new guy.

“So… His name is Jackson and he has just transferred last week.

“Oh really now? Is he nice?” I remarked.

“Ummm he seems nice enough. But oh my god he is super hot. And I mean super hot”

“Oooooo.” Tiffany and guys at the moment. It seemed like every guy at school these days was hot since she had broken up with Bill just over a month ago.
Ever since she had been having sex, she couldn’t seem to get enough of it. She was kinda like a bitch on heat and right now needed a rebound guy to tame her.

“Yup,” she bite her bottom lip in the cute little girl style that made her purely look innocent and wickedly seductively sexy at the same time, “and I want him.” She paused briefly before continuing “I want him to walk up to me on Monday, rip my clothes off and take me Jess. Make me his fuck toy. He can do whatever he wants to me.”

“Tiffy.” I gasped shocked a little at her wild hot language.

“What? It’s been over a month since I broke up with Bill and I haven’t had a cock inside since then and it’s killing me.”

“True. Well, what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know. He isn’t here right now!” She smiled at me as her right hand slowly reached out towards me. Her fingers slowly traced over my right breast. “But you are!” She whispered in my ear, before leaning her lips down towards mine. Catching me off guard, within a second her soft sensual lips pressed against mine.


I froze for a brief second. My mind was racing – was this really happening?

Was my best friend really kissing me?

I thought she was just leaning in towards me to get comfortable, but she actually was kissing me. We had joked around before about making out, but neither of us had tried anything.

Until now. I shut my eyes.

At the same time as being shocked, it felt so good. Instantly I got lost in the soft sensual feeling of her moist lips pressed against mine.

I slowly opened my lips, inviting Tiffany to kiss me more passionately. She willingly obliged, sliding her tongue forward softly inserting it between my now open lips.

I could feel my heart racing. My body started to tingle all over as I accepted that this was really happening. 

My tongue moved forward in anticipation of meeting hers. In an instant they intertwined together as we passionately embraced for the first time – both fully letting go.

As our tongues continued to swirl together, Tiffany’s right hand lightly traced over my right breast again from top to bottom. Slowly passing deliberately with each movement over my hardening nipple. After a few more times her fingers slowly circled towards my now erect nipple, this time with much more focused attention. With her index finger she softly flicked at my nipple. My body tingled again as both my mind and my pussy were totally consumed by her touch.

She repeated the motion a couple of times, each one sending sensations down my body. I pulled back from our kiss. A soft moan escaped my lips.  I could already feel my pussy getting wet, and an ever increasing growing moistness soaking through my panties.

Tiffany continued to flick at my nipple. Her touch turned from a soft gentle flick into a gentle pinch, between her index finger and thumb. She continued to pinch harder and tug at my nipple in a twisting motion.

I moaned louder and arched my back. I had a burning desire for more.

Her lips pressed softly against the side of my neck, kissing her way from the bottom towards my ear, as she continued to twist and tug at my nipple.

“I told you to watch out tonight” she whispered softly into my ear.

At that moment I didn’t care that it was my best friend – all I knew was I wanted more. Without hesitating, my hand slide around the back of her neck and I pulled her lips back into mine. We embraced again, my lips pressing against hers, my tongue pushing forwards to find hers. 2015/02/img_4791.jpg

Lost in the moment, I half moaned back to her, “Oh please don’t stop.”

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